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Why Tech Marketers Should Care About the People in Their Database

Speak to people, not accounts. Your B2B tech company will sell more. Really.

Julia Borgini
5 min readAug 31, 2020
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(Updated in 2023)

I’m always amused when I get an email from someone asking if my “corporation” would like a free trial of some piece of software. That they “read” my blog and thought their product would be a good “fit” to be mentioned in one of my posts. 🤦

If they’d actually taken a moment to read my website, they’d have seen I’m a one-woman band and have no one else to contact about “setting up a call”. This is what happens when companies market to their database and not the people behind it.

You miss the mark and risk getting marked as spam by the recipient (me.) Marketing to the people behind the data will do more for your B2B tech company than anything else you might do. You’ll engage more deeply with them, create positive customer experiences, and encourage conversation.

Here are 4 reasons why you should care about the people in your marketing database and how they’ll help your B2B tech business.

1. People listen when you speak to them

When you create messages that speak directly to people and resonate with them, they’ll take action. They’ll click that button or book a sales call.

You want to know who uses your products and speak directly to them. Not a marketing persona or demographic segment. A PERSON.

When you create content for real people, you differentiate your brand and products from the rest of the B2B tech market. You’ll attract an audience that identifies with it and can see themselves using your products. The folks over at User Onboarding explained this perfectly when they said,

People don’t buy products; they buy better versions of themselves.

That’s why speaking to people and not accounts is so powerful.

2. People influence buying decisions



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