Let it go. Trust your freelancer. Resist the temptation to schedule a status meeting.

Why status meetings with freelance writers are a waste of time

Save your calendar & your freelancer’s. That status meeting isn’t helping anyone.

Julia Borgini
3 min readMar 3

This is the next post in my series on working with freelance copywriters. Check out the previous post here.

My calendar 📅 used to be filled with status meetings when I worked full-time as a writer & manager. I swear I attended more status meetings than I had time in my day, and I couldn’t ever get anything done.

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I enjoy being status meeting-free as a freelance writer. However, I’ve had to learn to push back on the status meeting with my clients. Many want to have them, or even just a status update email, regularly.

Sigh. 🙄

My dear tech marketing clients, let me tell you a little secret: If you’ve hired a good freelance writer, you don’t need status meetings.

It’s true!

Good freelancers can manage their schedules all on their own, provided you’ve given them the right information and timelines up-front.

That’s the other part of the secret.

Clients, you’ve got to give your freelancers the right timeline information. Otherwise, they’ll never meet your deadlines.

I understand why status meetings exist; to keep everyone on track. Even if you don’t use them with your in-house staff, it’s tempting to use them for external freelancers. After all, you can’t keep an eye on them like your internal staff, right? So they MUST need them to keep them on target, right?

Wrong. ❌

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