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Why getting on your freelancer’s email list frees up your time as a client

An email newsletter isn’t just for freelancers to sell things. It’s a time saver for clients too.

Julia Borgini
4 min readMar 23

This is the next post in my series on working with freelance copywriters. Check out the previous post here.

When I first started freelancing, 12+ years ago, I created an email list. I’d ask clients and prospects if they’d like to be on it, and got excited when they said, “Yes.”

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Then I did nothing with it.

I’d think about it periodically, vowing to get “back” to it, but I never did. Until a coaching session with Ilise Benun about 5 years ago. She told me that it’s a great way to stay in touch with people that I’d work with, that wanted to work with me, and generally just wanted to stay in touch.

“But I’m not a classic content creator!” I replied. “I don’t sell stuff like they do, so why bother?”

Ilise (and so many others I respect, like Brian Clark and Ann Handley) calmly explained that it’s essential for any freelance writing business. It gives you “insider” access to people’s inboxes, she explained. They’ve agreed to get messages from you and will probably want to hear what you have to say.

Brian Clark explains that it’s a great way to own the connection and relationship with people since that can go away if your channel of choice goes down. (Just think of the panic 😟 most people felt after a certain billionaire took over Twitter.) Brian explains all of this very well in a podcast episode here.

The reason why you should get on your freelancer’s email list

These are all good reasons to have an email list and to send it out regularly. The one that really sticks with me is that it takes the stress out of staying in contact with people.

Your subscribers appreciate it because they don’t have to keep track of your email address, remember what your name is to find it, or generally make the first move. Your emails are doing the work for them! They just have to…



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