I used to use FreshBooks to power my freelance copywriting business for years. I loved the intuitive UI, how it was built for freelancers, and it was Canadian.

But there was one big thing that bothered me: even though I am a Canadian-based business and they’re in Canada, they charged me in US dollars. And charge me sales tax on the US $ amount.

Intellectually, I know why they do that, but as a Canadian-based business, I charge my Canadian clients in Canadian dollars. …

One of the questions I get from prospective clients is, “What do you need from me to start writing?”

Great question. Every project and client is different, so it depends.

Some of my clients send me fully-formed outlines with suggested backlinks, wording, and keywords. Others just give me a general topic and leave the rest to me. Still others give me something that lands in between those extremes.

What I usually tell my clients is this: I’ll tell you what I need based on the project we’re collaborating on. …

When prospects reach out to me about collaborating on a project, I have them pass through a quick Q&A before we even speak.

They answer a number of questions on my contact form, where I cover questions on project type, budgets, and referral information. In my email response, I send over another set of questions to dig deeper into the request.

I want to know:

  1. What are your goals for this project?
  2. What’s your timeline for this work?
  3. When will this need to be completed/delivered?
  4. Have you worked with an outside writer before? …

I’m always amused when I get an email from someone asking if my “corporation” would like a free trial of some piece of software. That they “read” my blog and thought their product would be a good “fit” to be mentioned in one of my posts.

If they’d actually taken a moment to read my blog or my website, they’d have seen I’m a one-woman band and have no one else to contact about “setting up a call”. This is what happens when companies market to their database and not the people behind it.

You miss the mark and risk…

The B2B buying cycle might be long, but that doesn’t mean your tech content marketing should be. You only need to use the number of words it takes to convince your buyer to keep you on their vendor shortlist. That’s it.

Stuffing your content & copy with unhelpful words and phrases that add nothing to what you’re trying to say is getting you nowhere. It bores your readers, complicates your ideas, and waters down your ideas.

Your tech marketing content needs a light touch to succeed. Cutting those filler and unhelpful words from your content & copy will make it…

You’re more expensive than other copywriters out there

I hear that comment a lot, mainly from prospects. It’s actually one of the reasons I started publishing prices on my website. I want to be absolutely clear that I’m not your average copywriter. I’m a technical copywriter with over 20 years professional writing experience. And that experience costs.

Most of the clients that work with me have no issue with my pricing. We tend to quibble on the payment schedule more than anything else, but rarely on the price. That’s because they know what I bring to the table. They’re willing…

You’ve got your tech content marketing strategy ready, buy-in from upper management, and the budget ready to spend. Now what? You need the resources to execute your plans.

More specifically, you need a copywriter to work on your campaigns, but you don’t have one on staff. This puts skilled technical copywriters in the driver’s seat. And if you think you can get away with using a software application or AI bot to write marketing content fast and at an insane scale, think again. Only a human copywriter can craft stories with the emotional depth and resonance needed.

Technical Copywriters Are a Special Kind of Geek

The high demand…

Printer security isn’t a sexy topic. But HP knows it’s an important part of any company’s cybersecurity plan. So they decided to take their latest marketing campaign up a notch. Instead of just publishing some use case examples of how printer security is a serious thing, they decided to create a series of short films starring Hollywood celebrities.

Enter The Wolf

In season 1, we see Christian Slater as “the Wolf”. Playing off his role in the TV series , Slater demonstrates what happens when he infects a business printer with malware. …

Who likes B2B customers? You do.

As a SaaS company, you like selling to B2B customers. They boost your brand’s credibility and provide powerful social proof. Since they tend to stick around for longer than B2C customers, they lower your overall monthly churn risk. Not to mention the fact that B2B customers usually spend more than their B2C counterparts — more licenses and seats, usage, integrations, support, training, and more. The long term value (LTV) of a B2B customer can be quite high for your SaaS company.

But as a content marketer for SaaS companies, you’re pulled in a million…

I still call myself a freelancer (a freelance technical copywriter, to be exact). It’s just a word, but one that I see getting trashed on a semi-regular basis online. Usually by someone else who does the same work as me: outsourced writing (copywriting or content writing) for companies, people, etc.

And I roll my eyes … hard.

Julia Borgini

Tech Copywriter, Geek, #ContentMarketing. Explaining the magic of technology since 1999. Come visit me at spacebarpress.com

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